Municipal court

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Discover the Irmo Municipal Court

The Town of Irmo Municipal Court is part of the statewide unified court system and the Chief Municipal Judge, Rebecca Adams is appointed by the Town Council as the Municipal Judge. The Clerk of Court oversees the daily operation of the court along with the Assistant Clerk of Court. The Municipal Court is responsible for warrants, preliminary hearings, the adjudication of cases, and reporting to the State Department of Motor Vehicles, the Supreme Court, and the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division.

The Town’s Municipal Court is one of limited jurisdiction, hearing only misdemeanor criminal cases, as well as traffic cases carrying a maximum fine of $500 (which does not include the state-mandated fees) or 30 days in jail, plus certain other cases as authorized by the South Carolina Legislature. The court has no civil jurisdiction; no lawsuits or non-criminal matters are heard. The jurisdiction for the Town of Irmo’s Municipal Court is within both Richland and Lexington Counties. Appeals of decisions made by this court are filed in the county circuit court, the county depends on the jurisdiction and is noted on your ticket or warrant. The goal of the court is to provide a fair hearing for everyone.

Please contact Olivia Chambers or Tatum Bakley with any Irmo Municipal Court questions.