Divisions & Programs

Community Services Division
The Irmo Police Department has officers assigned to our Community Services Division (CSD). Within the CSD we have officers that are focused on improving the quality of life for residents within the Town of Irmo.

Many of our officers are available for presentations at your daycare, school, church, workplace, or any other community event. We offer a variety of programs and can customize one to fit your needs. These programs must be scheduled in advance through our Community Services Division and receive approval from the Chief of Police. These programs are free of charge.

Patrol Division
The Patrol Division is made up of 4 shifts that provide continuous 24-hour preventive patrol coverage and respond to calls for service within the Town of Irmo. Each shift is led by a Sergeant who reports to the Patrol Commander, Lieutenant Trent Williams. The Sergeants strive to ensure proper patrol coverage, and quick response to 911 and other calls for service within the town limits of Irmo.

Uniformed Patrol Officers
Public Safety starts with providing order maintenance through the presence of uniformed police officers. Therefore, the most visible function of the Irmo Police Department is the uniformed patrol officer. The role of these officers is varied to include detecting and deterring crime; traffic enforcement; direction and control; suppressing disturbance; apprehension of offenders; responding to calls for service; rendering aid; preliminary investigations and interacting with the community in a manner consistent with our policies.

Criminal Investigations Division
The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) is led by Sergeant Kelly Mountzouros. The Criminal Investigations Division is tasked with following up on leads in criminal cases. The investigators are available to respond at any time, day or night, to scenes of any incident.