Off-Duty Police Officer

In order to efficiently respond to requests and manage the employment of Irmo off-duty police officers, the Irmo Police Department has partnered with Off Duty Management to provide services related to hiring off-duty officers. You may request to hire off-duty police officers through the Off Duty Management website, OfficerTRAK®, or by calling toll-free at 1.877.636.8300.

Off Duty Management provides benefits to the customer

Online access to information through OfficerTRAK® including:

  • Job-status
  • Officer attendance
  • Field notes and media files
  • Post orders and instructions
  • Past and future shift information
  • Full liability coverage for the customer, the agency, and the officer
  • 24/7 customer service through their toll-free number
  • Dedicated point of contact for scheduling, invoicing and payroll.

Prohibited Off-Duty Employment*

Employees will be prohibited from secondary employment in:

  • Bars
  • Lounges
  • Liquor Stores
  • Pawn Shops
  • Towing services on the rotation list
  • Repossession companies
  • And any other employment which may tend to be a conflict of interest or to discredit the Department or the employee or which may unnecessarily expose the employee to risk that might prevent that employee from his or her maximum effectiveness for the Town of lrmo.

*PLEASE NOTE: the above list is not an all-inclusive and questions regarding permitted activity should be forwarded to Off Duty Management.

Hire A Licensed Police Officer

  • To request a quote for the service online, please click on OfficerTRAK® and choose the option ‘Sign Up’ and complete the requested information in all the sections of the request.  If you are already registered in OfficerTRAK®, please choose the option ‘Login’ and enter your email address and password to access your account.  Please complete all the information; if you are an individual and do not have a company, please use your first and last names as the company name.
  • You can request a quote 24 hours a day and seven days a week by calling toll-free at 1.877.636.8300.