Trash & Recycling

The Town of Irmo contracts with Tyler's Sanitation to provide Town residents with weekly curbside garbage, yard trash, and recycling collection (see schedules on the left). The Town of Irmo will provide one recycling cart and one trash cart to each address. The first step in setting up a Sanitation Service is to complete the online request. For general questions about Sanitation, please contact Tyler's Sanitation at 803-626-9000 or Town Hall at 803-781-7050 or 

General Information About Curbside Garbage Collection
Tyler's Sanitation services the Irmo community five days a week. (Please note that Federal Holidays may disrupt the schedule.) Household Trash is collected either on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday depending on where you live in the town. Your Yard Trash will be picked up on Monday. 

All household garbage must be in securely tied plastic bags and placed inside of provided garbage containers. Containers provided by Tyler’s Sanitation must be placed by the roadway/curb the night before pickup. Once your garbage containers have been emptied, please remove the container from the curb before 7:00 am the following morning after the day of pickup. Garbage containers shall not be left out by the roadway or curb.

Items accepted with Household Trash on your normal pickup day may include paint cans. Please note paint cans will only be accepted with the lid off and if the paint is completely dry (If not, fill them with sand or kitty litter and place them next to the curb). Do not put yard trash or construction debris in the roll cart. 

If your garbage is not collected on your scheduled day, we encourage you to contact Tyler's Sanitation directly. Some factors can delay the pickup of household garbage and can lead to garbage collection occurring the following day. Below are some reasons your household garbage may not be collected if any of the following items are in the roll cart:

  • Yard Waste
  • Construction Debris
  • Paint, Oil, or Other Hazardous Waste
  • Gas Tanks, Tires, or Other Car Parts