A New Plan for Irmo

The Town of Irmo, with the assistance of a consultant team, is creating a new Comprehensive Plan. This plan will address present and anticipated growth in a manner that ensures Irmo maintains citizens' desired small-town appeal while addressing current needs and development pressures. This Comprehensive Plan is anticipated as a full, ten-year revision, including a new Future Land Use Map, as mandated by the State of South Carolina, rather than a standard five-year data update.

This planning process began in the Fall of 2023 and is anticipated to conclude in the Fall/Winter of 2024. The process will be split into three overlapping phases. The first phase is the project approach, initiation, and analysis phase, where the Town and the project team will collect and review data. During this phase, a Steering Committee of local community representatives will be created to help guide the planning process. The middle phase is the visioning and plan development phase. This is the longest stage and includes the majority of the public events and engagement opportunities which will help to craft the guiding vision for the Town of Irmo and determine priorities that will shape the recommendations for the future. The draft plan and draft recommendations will be presented and made available to the public for comment. The last phase of the project is the implementation and adoption phase. Here, the project team, along with the Town and other partners, will lay out a broad plan of how, with whom, and when different recommendations should be carried out. Once that is completed and added to the document, the Vision 2035 Plan will be presented to the Planning Board for approval and the Town Council for adoption.


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Project Schedule (updated JUne 4, 2024)

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

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Comprehensive planning is an important tool for planning jurisdictions to guide future development for residential, commercial, industrial, and public activities. These plans can impact the future layout and landscape of a jurisdiction for many years to come. In South Carolina, the Planning Enabling Act details the planning process in SC Code § 6-29-510 (2022).

A Comprehensive Plan is an expression of the community’s vision for the future with a strategic map to reach that vision. It is an advisory or guiding document that sets forth a vision and goals for the area’s future and provides the overall foundation for all land use regulations. It is a policy document that shapes land use decisions, but it is not a legal ordinance.

It is required by the State of South Carolina for jurisdictions that want to enforce zoning regulations and must be reviewed every 5 years and updated every 10 years to stay reasonably maintained. The state also requires all plans to cover 10 plan elements in either a single package or as increments of a complete plan.

The comprehensive planning and public engagement process are designed to help communities identify issues before they arise, stay ahead of trends in land use development and redevelopment, and anticipate and navigate community trends and land use patterns.

Plan Elements

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Upcoming Events
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